Jamie's 11 Minute Breathing Affirmation Meditation Mindfulness Exercise

Breathing techniques will help with reducing stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus
Meditation and breathing techniques can help reduce the anxiety and stress related to the coronavirus

Take time to breathe!

Tips on how to fill your lungs with positive energy.  Take some time to nourish yourself with J'aime's 11 minute breathing exercise.  Look at your calendar and set an alarm for 11 minutes each day.  I know that with today's culture our schedules are filled, the hustle and bustle makes us feel too busy for self-care.  You may feel that there is never enough time.  Make this a healthy habit to set aside 11 minutes a day to nourish your lungs, mind, imagination and soul.  Practicing mindfulness techniques will help in many aspects of your life.   
Find an area in your current space that you feel comfortable.  You can do this with your eyes open or closed, whichever you prefer is what will work best for you.
Please take the time to do these three things before starting this breathing exercise:
  1. Please take a moment to review the picture with reference to the body skeleton to understand where your oxygen is traveling when you take breathes. 
  2. Please create your own affirmation list with at least 10 affirmations.  Here are some examples of Affirmation Mantras. Learn more on creating your own affirmations that you can say to yourself daily when anxiety and other triggers to negative emotions arises. 
Set your timer for 3 minutes - Breathing Techniques

After starting the timer take these three minutes to breathe in form your mouth and out through your nose or, do the opposite.  If it is more comfortable breathing through your mouth and exhaling from your nose, please do what makes you feel most comfortable.  Take these breathes with positive intentions for yourself and your goals.  With this breathe focus on strengthening your lungs. Try engage your core if you can and focus on holding a posture with your head back, chest open and shoulders back. 

As the oxygen travels through your body.  Keep your focus on filling the following areas with positive intentions and oxygen.  As you take in each deep breath remember to take the oxygen through the: Frontal sinus, Alveolar sacs, Nasal cavity, Oral Cavity, Pharynx, Epiglottis, VocalFold, Thyroid Cartilage, Trachea, Apex, Superior lobe, Lingular division bronchus, Carina of trachea, Lobar bronchus, Horizontal fissure, Intermediate bronchus, Oblique fissure, Middle lobe,  Cardiac notch, Inferior lobe, Lingula of lung, Inferior lobe

Set your timer for 3 more minutes - Meditation
During the next three minutes focus on taking slow deep breathes and clearing your mind of any negative thoughts and worries you have about the future.  Try to stay as present, still and in the moment as you can.  If thoughts enter into your mind, gently let them pass through as a floating cloud out of your head.  Focus on your breathe.  Try to go within during the next three minutes, clear your mind as much as possible.  
Set your timer for 3 more minutes  - Visualization
For the next three minutes take this time to have your mind go on a mini three minute break vacation by imagination yourself on your dream vacation, using your mind to take you to places and do things you've always wanted to do for those three minutes.  You can also take this time to visualize yourself accomplishing your daily tasks, yearly and/or 20 year goals.  
Set your timer for the last 2 minutes of this Exercise  - Affirmation
Say your 10 Affirmations that you've created.  Things that you you believe or would like to believe about your yourself.  Take these next two minutes to say your affirmations confidently to yourself.  You can also visualize yourself transforming into the affirmations you are saying to yourself.  

CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed the 11 minute exercise.