What happens during my sessions?  

Everyone has their own unique experiences.  Our sessions are custom designed to address the needs, objectives and goals of every individual.   

I feel bad about myself when I share my issues/problems.  Am I a failure if I have problems and share them with others?  

Absolutely not!  Individuals who seek and acknowledge that they need help should feel proud that they are able to connect and reach out for support.  You are not alone!  There comes a time in everyone's lives they need support, guidance, and help from others regardless of gender, socioeconomic and/or race.  Together we will work on identifying your strengths and triggers so you can move forward to addressing your presenting problem and achieving your short and long-term objectives.   

Why I am different than talking to a friend and/or family member?  

As a mental health professional, I’ve been trained to assist you with developing a new way/strategy on approaching your life.  Through developing skills and looking at life with a different more objective perspective; we’ve been trained to listen without judgement and help you to get you to where you want to be in life.  There are many more reasons why seeking professional help versus talking to a friend and/or family member is beneficial.   

Couples Therapy:  Should I come to the appointment on my own or should we come?  

If you would like to come to the appointment together to address your concerns regarding your relationship; I would be more than happy to work with you together.  Please let me know if one of you in the relationship would like to continue in individual therapy sessions after our work together is completed.   

Can’t I just take my medications and be fine; why is talk therapy important?  

Medications are known to address and treat symptoms not the overall underlying roots of the symptoms.  As we work together, we will identify the root problems and triggers.  You will learn new strategies and skills to support you with achieving your goals.  At times, medication may be needed as a part of your treatment and in conjunction with therapy.   

I want to maximize my time in therapy and the work we are doing together.  What are the ways I can get help facilitate this?   

Wow!  Congratulations as you are already taking the step in the right direction.  Your dedication, motivation and participation are key to maximizing your sessions.  We can have sessions twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  As most things in life we have to put in the work to achieve the goaltherefore it depends on the work you do in session and outside of our session.    

How long will I be in therapy for or benefit from these services?  

Every person is unique, and their needs and circumstances vary.  The length of time an individual will benefit from therapy depends on you and many other factors.