Playdate Coaching

We specialize with working with children preparing to enter into kindergarten and strengthening their EIQ (emotional intelligence quotient)

Our goal is to make playdates enjoyable for you and your child in a nonjudgmental fun way.  Children learn techniques on how to me more sociable and interact with their peers while preparing them with the skills needed for top-notch schools.  We will support you and your child through your child's developmental milestones 
Founder Jamie Karia has refined the old tradition of how children play in this global village of ours.  We have created playdate coaching and therapeutic techniques from around the world to create fun, interesting, and educational playdates.  The team coaches by observing and interacting with children in small groups within the comfort of their home or various playdate locations.  The children will be taught to happily play and interact with their friends, peers, and/or siblings by using various fun therapeutic tools such as art, play, and music; establishing healthy play time.  We provide child centered services and feedback on each child's play time.  Contact us for more information regarding various types of services.

"While it is a happy talent to know how to play, it should also be a time to learn and respect how children play in other parts of the world thus creating a very unique experience at a very early age"
--- Jamie J. Karia.