How To Create Your Own Affirmations?

J'aime is providing information on how to create your own unique daily affirmation practice.
Saying I am affirmation statements will help build your confidence and reduce anxiety.

Saying Daily Affirmations
Can Be Helpful

There can be many benefits to saying daily affirmations consistently.  If you feel comfortable enough you can say them out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.  Saying these Affirmations may help with reducing anxiety and stress and potentially help with increasing your self-esteem and confidence.  If you take 1 minute to say your affirmations in the morning or if you want to do it throughout the day, you hopeful will feel the positive effects.  The affirmations list that you create can be things that you already believe about yourself or core beliefs you would like to evolve into being. 

Even for example if you feel as though you are not sexy, beautiful, pretty, attractive, unique, etc, and you want to evolve into the feeling that you are - just add them to your list. With daily practice and saying them either to yourself or out loud, you hopefully will start to retrain your brain to believe and internalize these affirmations, core beliefs, and values about yourself.

Examples of Affirmations:

  1. I am lovable
  2. I am intelligent 
  3. I am capable
  4. I am kind
  5. I am beautiful inside and out
  6. I am confident
  7. I am me
  8. I am desirable
  9. I am enough
  10. I am not alone
  11. I am sexy

If you feel stuck below are some words you can use to add to your I am affirmations.  It is most beneficial to say them daily to yourself, this can be during J'aime's 11-minute breathing exercise or while looking in the mirror on your own or during your own free time.  You might start to feel anxious even saying your affirmations out loud in a private setting,  so it is just as beneficial to say them to yourself which can help lessen the symptoms that come with anxiety related to saying your affirmations out loud. 

I know that it might seem a little strange to stare at yourself and say kind and complimentary things about yourself.  Taking some time to retrain your negative self-thoughts will help improve your self-confidence over time if said consistently.  You can say your affirmation first thing in the morning while getting ready to start your day and/or before going to bed.  

Words that you can use to incorporate in your daily affirmation list

These are some words that you can use to incorporate in your daily affirmation list.

Take some time to say your daily affirmations as it could help build self-confidence and reduce anxiety.  This mindfulness exercise may help improve your mental health: 

I am confident, I am content, I am thrilled, I am glad, I am athletic, I am intrigued, I am successful, I am satisfied, I am considerate, I am optimistic, I am affectionate, I am free, I am independent, I am certain, I am capable, I am comfortable, I am safe, I am loving, I am lucky, I am loved, I am bright, I am amazing, I am devoted, I am playful, I am determined, I am interested, I am important, I am calm, I am fantastic, I am open, I am attractive, I am energetic, I am unique, I am positive minded, I am enthusiastic, I am calm, I am fantastic, I cam peaceful, I am humble, I am sunny, I am festive, I am ecstatic, I am pretty, I am keen, I am smart, I am pleased, I am empathic, I am a great listener, I am respected,I am relaxed, I am happy, I am hopeful, I am spirited, I am admired, I am accepted, I am brave, I am warm, I am considerate, I am bold, I am strong, I am upgraded, I am brave, I am elated, I am real, I am grounded, I am capable, I am clever, I am clever, I am wonderful, I am tenacious, I am serene, I am animated, I am love, I am equal, I am passionate, I am kind, I am thankful, I am grateful, I am a great listener, I am alive, I am living, I am present, I am peaceful, I am balanced, I am worthy, I am fulfilled, I am talented, I am respectful, I am caring, I am appreciative, I am creative, I am imaginative, I am me, I am everything I want to be, I am steady, I am focused, I am able to achieve my goals, I am bountiful, I am a humanitarian, I am eco-friendly. 

I am a great person just the way I am, I am a great friend, I am a great mother, I am a great father, I am a great step-mother, I am a great step-father,  I am a great partner, I am a great wife, I am a great husband, I am a great husband, I am a great mother, I am a great sister, I am a great brother, I am a great uncle, I am a great aunt, I am a great grandmother, I am a great grandfather.