Jamie J. Karia Celebrity Therapist


Coaching You For Life Launches a Concierge Celebrity Therapy Service for Elite Clients

Jamie J. Karia LCSW, celebrity therapist, life coach and reiki practitioner launces a new service for elite clientele.

Traveling can be stressful, and it often disrupts the routine of therapy," explains Karia, "That's why I decided to introduce this new service. Whether my clients are shooting a film on location, touring, or vacationing their mental health should never take a backseat."

Coaching You For Life's "Concierge Celebrity Therapist" service could set a new standard in mental health care for high-profile individuals. Given the growing awareness of mental health issues in the entertainment industry, Karia's service is timely and necessary.

Through Coaching You For Life, Karia provides personalized services for celebrities by going on-location, making it more convenient for the clientele. The benefits include various modalities that align with clients’ customized treatment plans. In addition, international clients can opt to have the services done virtually.

"The impact of fame and the associated pressures on mental health can be profound," says Karia, "By ensuring consistent therapeutic support, regardless of where my clients are, we're making a real difference in their lives."

Services include the following: 

- Celebrity Therapy for Celebrities and Future Stars

- Celebrity Therapy for Celebrity Children 

- Celebrity Therapy for Professional Athletes

- Celebrity Therapy for Actors, Actresses and Entertainers

- Celebrity Therapy for Musicians

- Celebrity Therapy for Movie, Film, Music Producers 

- Celebrity Therapy for Dancers and Entertainers

- Celebrity Therapy for Social Media Influencers 

- Celebrity Therapy for CEO and politicians 

- Celebrity Therapy for International Stars

- Celebrity Models and Supermodels

- Celebrity Life Coaching

- Celebrity Mindfulness Services 

- Celebrity Holistic Therapy

- Concierge Celebrity Therapy Services